Age of the Gods Fate Sisters Slot Review – RTP 92.95%

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters Slot

For those of you who are searching for the Age of the Gods Fate Sisters slot review, you are in the right place! This Playtech slot machine has five reels, 25 paylines, a variety of additional features, and three really beautiful Goddesses. 

It is a beautiful and intriguing game. The Sisters’ Gift Feature and the Fates Portal 3 Games Modes, where players may select their free spins bundle, are noteworthy extra features.

A Review of Age of the Gods Fate Sisters Slot

Fate Sisters is one of the most well-liked games in the whole category of mythological slots and is a part of the best Playtech slots, which also includes seven other games. 

With bets starting at only 0.01 and going up to 2,500, there is a bet for every kind of player in this game. Enjoy it on the device of your choice and play at Slots Temple for free or with real money. Will you entrust these sisters with controlling your destiny? What does this game have to offer?

1. Game Graphics

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters Slot

Beautiful visuals are used in the game, which are taken from the fabled era when the Greek Gods are claimed to have lived in Ancient Greece. 

The reels are placed in front of the Apollo Temple at Delphi, a circular building made of columns where ancient Greeks would go to consult Pythia, a High Priestess known as the Oracle of Delphi, through whom the God Apollo was thought to communicate. Pythia was a High Priestess at Delphi.

The three sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who were regarded as the Fates—a trinity of Goddesses who determined how people’s lives would turn out—are represented in this game. Through the typefaces, noises, and symbols of this mysterious slot game, the iconography of Ancient Greece is brought to life in every way.

2. How to Play

The betting process of the game is pretty similar to that of the majority of Playtech games. Players must first choose how many lines, from the minimum of 1 to the maximum of 25, they will activate. The next step is to select the bet per line amount. 

This ranges from only 0.01 to 100 per line in Age of the Gods Fate Sisters slot. This implies that there are 575 different ways to bet, with a minimum stake of a safe 0.01 (0.01 x 1) and a maximum bet of an amazing £2,500 (100 x 25).

It’s time to press the Spin button once you have determined your line bet and per-line wager to create your total stake. Alternatively, you may select 10, 25, 50, or 99 regular spins by pressing the Autospin button. You can use Turbo Mode to speed up the game’s progress. 

The gameplay is straightforward, and the only time players are sent to a different screen is when they activate the free spins option.

3. RTP and Volatility

The RTP for Age of the Gods Fate Sisters slot is 92.95%, which is not the most generous RTP but does add a little excitement to the game. The Return to Player, or RTP, refers to how much money a player can typically anticipate to earn back during a session. 

Because of its mild volatility, this game offers many players the best of both worlds. Volatility describes the regularity and magnitude of payments.

Final Words

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters slot is one of eight Age of the Gods games from Playtech that provide different spins on the same theme. If you want to play a calm, quiet slots game with a moderate volatility and lots of free spins, this one is fantastic. 

It’s simple to adjust this game to your betting style thanks to the exceptionally large betting range and the option to select your payline amount. Additionally, it is accessible for free on tablets and mobile devices.

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