Arcade Duncan Laurence Meaning [Mp3Juice + Link Download]

Arcade Duncan Laurence Meaning

Are you looking for the Arcade Duncan Laurence meaning? It  is a heartbreak ballad that is said to be both biographical and autobiographical, at least in part. 

That isn’t to suggest that it isn’t inspired by the singer’s personal romantic experiences. Instead, he had a woman in his life, a motherly figure, who died young.

The First Big Loss

This is the “first big loss,” according to Duncan Laurence. However, more to the subject of the song, her husband abandoned her. 

And it appears that observing her suffer emotionally as a result was the primary source of inspiration for the singer/songwriter behind this song. The lyrics also allude to his youth as a “small-town boy” in terms of his own life.

In terms of the current relationship, the singer never explicitly specifies how his romantic interest, the addressee, has failed him. Instead, we’re dealing with the emotional fallout in this case. 

Yes, he may have played the fool at one point in order to keep this relationship alive. However, it appears that he has reached a point where his sweetheart’s antics will no longer be accepted. In fact, all things considered, it’s possible that she dumped him. As a result, now that he is alone, he is able to see things more clearly.

Arcade Duncan Laurence Meaning

An Explicit of Arcade Duncan Laurence Meaning

In terms of the song’s title, an arcade is a place where people – for lack of a better term – gamble. 

Let’s say arcade games are designed in such a way that a “small-town boy” like the singer can become easily “addicted” and wind up spending a big amount of time and resources in exchange for a transient sense of satisfaction. And it is to this conclusion that he comes in this song.

So, even though it’s never mentioned specifically, the overall inference is that the singer has had enough of this lady and is ready to call it quits. Or, more accurately, based on the first verse, it appears he has already done so (as if he really has a choice).

Overall, this song tells the narrative of a young man who tried – and failed – to buy the affection of a specific lady. His tragedy is compounded by the fact that, despite the romance’s failure, he still pines for her.

Released Date

The song’s official release date was March 7, 2019. Spark is the name of the label behind it.

“Arcade” was first released as a digital download. Duncan included it as the lead song on both his debut EP (“World on Fire”) and debut full-length (“Small Town Boy”), both of which were released in 2020.


In 2019, this song was crowned winner of the ever-popular Eurovision Song Contest. It won an Edison Award in the Netherlands the next year.

In 2020, the original singer collaborated with Fletcher, a female singer from New Jersey, on a remix of Arcade. In fact, it is thought that the remix is what helped the song go viral later in the year.

Indeed, the song enjoyed a big bit of a resurgence in early-2021 as a result of the song being viral on TikTok (a trend started by fans of Harry Potter). It went on to become the most-streamed Eurovision Song Contest-winning song on Spotify, for example. It also re-entered the UK Singles Chart after debuting in May of this year.

Writing and Production

Duncan Laurence, Joel Sjöö, Wouter Hardy, and Will Knox wrote this song. Laurence is credited as the principal composer, having collaborated with Hardy on the song for two years.

Hardy and Oscar Holleman collaborated on the track’s production.

Arcade, unlike some other Eurovision songs, was not written expressly for the competition. Indeed, when the Dutch Eurovision organization chose Duncan Laurence and “Arcade” to represent them in 2019, they were met with criticism because he was a relatively obscure musician. However, in perspective, they clearly made the right decision.

Well, that is Arcade Duncan Laurence meaning and other explanations that you can find out. If you want to enjoy this best song, you can go to mp3 juice to download and listen to the song. 

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