Lucha Maniacs Slot Overview: Features, Bonus & RTP

Lucha Maniacs Slot

The video slot Lucha Maniacs Slot has five reels and twenty paylines that run left to right. There are eight normal symbols in the game, and you can win if three or more of them appear in a row on a pay line starting from the leftmost position. Wrestlers are used to representing the four standard high-pay symbols.

The four low-paying symbols are represented by the four card suits. The game also features a scatter-paying bonus symbol, two tag team symbols that only appear during the free spins mode, and wild symbols that can swap out for any other symbol.


Free Spin Mode

The Free Spin mode with bonus benefits is initiated by three or more scattered Bonus symbols. The same bet and lines that activated it are used to play it. Players select secret features from a set of tickets that will be enabled during the Free Spin mode prior to the Free Spins.

  • Seven free spins with three features are awarded for three bonus symbols.
  • 15 Free Spins with 3 features are given away with 4 Bonus Symbols.
  • 30 Free Spins with 3 features are awarded for 5 Bonus Symbols.

The following traits apply to the pickable tickets:

  • Added 2 Bonus Spins
  • Added 4 Bonus Spins
  • For every spin, 1 wild is randomly placed.
  • random placement of 2 wilds on each spin
  • 1 middle-positioned sticky wild on the second, third, or fourth reels.
  • a multiplier of three on one wrestler
  • one wrestler plays the wild one
  • On the reels, 1 wrestler stacks up.
  • Tag teams are formed when the two highest-paid wrestlers combine into one symbol.
  • The following two highest-paid wrestlers combine into a single symbol to form a tag team.

All occurrences of those two symbols on the reels become the tag team symbol when two wrestlers are tag-teamed. The Tag Team sign also obtains any additional Free Spin features that any of the two wrestlers would have gotten, such as a multiplier, stacking feature, or the ability to become wild.

When this feature is selected, the three other cards that include stacked wrestlers are deactivated. Only one kind of wrestler can be piled on the reels. The three other cards that include multipliers are disabled when this feature is chosen because only one kind of wrestler can acquire the multiplier.

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Golden Bet

Source from slot777 blog, players get 1 extra feature while entering Free Spin mode if the Golden Bet feature is active. Golden Bets can be activated and disabled in the base game between spins and cost an additional 5 coins every spin.

When using Golden Bet, the entire theoretical return to the player is 96.2%, whereas when not using Golden Bet, it is 96.1%.

Retriggering Free Spins

In the Free Spin mode, landing two or more Bonus symbols rewards at least one extra feature and restarts the Free Spins feature.

  • One additional Free Spin with one feature is given for two bonus symbols.
  • Two more Free Spins with two features are awarded for 3 bonus symbols.
  • 3 more Free Spins with 3 features are awarded for 4 Bonus symbols.
  • A total of 5 bonus symbols grant 4 additional free spins with 4 features.

Poster Bonus Game

The Poster bonus game, which offers the following potential rewards, is started when two Bonus symbols are landed in the basic game.

  • A free spins trigger with three features and seven free spins (4 if you have Golden Bet activated)
  • 20-80 coins


Except for the bonus symbol, wilds can replace all other symbols. There are four different kinds of wild symbols in the game:

  • Both in the regular game and in the Free Spins mode, the Regular Wild symbol is present.
  • In the Free Spins mode, the Random Wild symbol appears and can fall anywhere on the reels.
  • Only in the Free Spin mode does the Sticky Wild symbol appear, and it can be positioned in the middle of reels 2-4.
  • Only seen in the Free Spin mode, the wrestler wild symbol can substitute one specific type of wrestler symbol.


The aesthetics are breathtaking, as they usually are with Yggdrasil. In that regard, Lucha Maniacs Slot represents yet another enormous step forward for Yggdrasil, and the company’s games continue to grow in terms of manufacturing power.

The mechanics, on the other hand, don’t feel as innovative and are reminiscent of the vintage Yggdrasil slot Golden Fish Tank. Since it’s still one of their best games to date, this is actually not a terrible thing. Similar to Golden Fish Tank, this game has an additional bonus pick button, and players can also take advantage of stacked wilds and wrestler wilds, which are different from fish wilds. But Lucha Maniacs Slot now stands on its own two feet thanks to a few additional additions.

The numerous sluggish spins that start as soon as you land one bonus symbol—which happens pretty frequently as you only need two of them to enter the Poster Bonus Game—are something that we find a little aggravating. It does get a little repetitive after a time, and we discovered that we stopped spinning many of the teases. Overall, we think the game is good and are confident that both casual and die-hard gamers will like it.

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